Rules and Safety

SAFETY - we're looking after you

The Coppermine Epic is a very demanding and technically challenging course and carries with it an element of risk ranging from exhaustion to accident. Where possible the organisers will reduce the element of risk via adequate signage on the road sections and support from first aid stations where possible. Mountain bike racing/riding is dangerous and you are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Ride within you own skills. You are accountable for your own safety. 

  • The Course is full of highly technical areas, especially Black Diamond ridge and the Boulder Valley. Treat all aspects of the course as potentially dangerous. There are no danger signs. The whole course should be treated as dangerous and you need to be able to ride within your own ability
  • You must carry some first aid supplies. If you suffer minor injuries make your way to the next emergency aid station for treatment. These will be stationed around the course in areas where accidents are most likely to occur.
  • You must assist anyone who has suffered serious injury. Competitors forced to stop and administer aid will have their finish time adjusted.
  • Do not move anyone with suspected neck or back injuries.
  • In the event of a rider being unable to move, one competitor must stay with the injured rider while another competitor moves with the event to the next emergency aid station.
  • Any entrant withdrawing from the event - either before the start or during the event - must notify a marshal or aid station staff.
  • For safety reasons anyone not reaching the Black Diamond ridge- Dun Mountain Rail trail intersection by 1:00pm may be turned back down the Dun Mountain Walkway. This is at the discretion of the marshals.All competitors must carry sufficient fluid and food for a 3 to 5 hour ride. There is drinkable water available from a creek in the mineral belt and at the bottom of boulder valley, however it should not be relied on.
  • All competitors must carry a survival blanket. There may be random checks at the finish line; anyone with out one will be disqualified. In the event of bad weather, all entrants are advised to carry a polypropylene top and windbreaker.
  • All competitors are advised to carry at least two spare tubes, a full puncture repair kit, bicycle multi-tool & spare chain lube.
  • All riders must ensure their bikes & standards approved helmet are in safe and serviceable condition for a demanding 3 to 5 hour mountain bike ride.
  • There is no road closure on the Maitai valley road. Organisers have no control over members of the public who chose to use the road, so competitors must obey road rules and keep left & give way to any traffic at all times. 
  • Please respect the environment whist riding. Do not drop rubbish, you will be disqualified! Please refrain from going to the toilet in the Mineral Belt section of the course. This is part of Nelsons water catchments area. Toilets will be at the start line and the top of Fringe Hill.