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10 February 2018

The coppermine mountain bike event weaves through some of nelson's best back country trails and traverses the spectacular Coppermine mineral belt and dun mountain. There are two courses to cater for different riding abilities.

The Coppermine course is a stunning loop of the Dun Mountain Trail all the way to the mineral belt at Coppermine saddle, where this unique event takes its name from. The Coppermine Epic course has the extra climb to the top of Fringed Hill (900m) and the amazing native forest singletrack descent of Black Diamond Ridge added to the mix and is suited more to the experienced mountain biker. Both courses descend the Boulder Valley, catering for all abilities, with an incredibly fun and flowing piece of single track.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the participants of the 10th anniversary 2017 event.  For full results, click here.

Entries for 2018 will open on 1 September 2018.

Not just another event!

The Santa Cruz Coppermine is more than an event.  Here's why:

  • It has the best sponsors providing outrageously good prizes, including a Santa Cruz bike which is won by the famous "Coin Toss", and over $3,000 in cash performance prizes.
  • It has the best volunteers who not only guide you around the course, but they run a bar up on the top of Fringed Hill!
  • All riders get a free beer/ginger beer and food at the end of the event, which is perfect to enjoy while riders sit in the sun with friends and family, reminiscing over the ride. 

New features

Timed Descent
The event has always had a King and Queen of the Mountain, but now the King and Queen of Descent is crowned.  Riders still need to ride the whole course and finish to be eligible. 

Ebike Category
The first event in New Zealand to offer this category, the ebike category races over the Coppermine Course.  Love them or hate them, ebikes are here and will test a different set of skills for riders. Check the Event Information for the ebike criteria.

Cash Incentive to Topple the Epic Records
$500 is up for grabs for the first male and female to beat the existing Coppermine Epic records, which are currently held by Kim Hurst (2013) and Tim Wilding (2012).

Get Training
We've teamed up with Cowbell Coaching who have put together training plans for both courses, including a free eight week plan for the Coppermine course.  There is also a training plan if you are keen to do the Coppermine and Karapoti as a double-header.  

Watch the video below for a sneak preview of the treat you are in for!

Nelson's epic mountain bike race.

event brought to you by the NMTBC